Going Green Home Remodeling

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Planning to make some changes in your home? Why not "green" your home remodeling? A green home is a healthy home for the environment and your family. But where should you start? Well, keep reading and find out

Green Home Remodeling: Floors

Let's start with the floors. Vinyl flooring is probably what some of you have at home especially those high traffic areas. while vinyl floors is easy to clean, it's made with polyvinyl chloride which release those phthalates, those chemicals that bind with household dusts that contribute to asthma and other respiratory problems in children.

Greener Home Remodeling Alternative for floors:

home remodelingUse cork tiles. They are made from easy replenished woods. The good thing about cork tiles is that trees used in it just grow in about 8 to 9 years. They are made with easy recycled materials and they don't need glue to be held in place. Cork is also a natural thermal insulator that helps cut back on the energy used to heat your home. So, you are actually saving some dollars in your gas bill in with this home remodeling.

Other Green options include Recycled Glass Tiles and Marmoleum Tiles. These tiles can be installed in sheets that require less toxic or low VOC glues. Volatile Organic Chemicals or VOCs are linked to numerous health problems. That's definitely something you want to keep your eye out for on your next home remodeling.

VOCs can also be a problem in the bedroom or wherever you got wall to wall carpeting. The reason is that most synthetic carpets are installed with glues containing VOCs. Now, if you really want carpeting in your next home remodeling, consider wood flooring with area rugs made with rapid renewable grasses like sisal and jute. Or you can buy area rugs in natural fiber like hemp, wool or organic cotton which have very nice texture too; and just like carpeting, they come in nice different colors.

And if you are putting on a new wood floor, think green; Think about fast growing bamboo. Bamboo trees grow full size in just about 5 years.

Green Home Remodeling: Walls

Now, what about those walls; we all know that fresh paint smells like chemicals. But do you know that those chemicals include carcinogens and neurotoxins? Things like benzene, formaldehyde, kerosene, toluene, xylene and some other things that you never even heard of before. These stuff are never good for you because exposure to these gases cause asthma, headache, nausea, respiratory damage and in some cases, even nerve-liver and kidney damage. So, paints like these are not a good option for you next home remodeling project.

Greener Home Remodeling Alternative for walls:

home remodelingThe best way to go is to go with no VOC coats from paint manufacturers. For areas with low humidity, you may try old fashioned milk paint. They are actually made from milk that looks bubbly and creamy. Talk to your home contractor about this so they can give you green options on your next home remodeling.

If you are planning for your next home remodeling, go green and contact Mr. Scott Fowler of Auburn Remodeling at (334) 246 – 2911 or fill out a contact request form and you will be contacted within 24 hours.