Celebrity Bathroom Remodeling Inspiration

bathroom remodeling

Celebrities live life like nobody else. They have fame, fortune, and just about anything their heart desires. Many of us do dream of living that life, so how about let us start by recreating the most private part of their homes. We have here some photos of the best celebrity bathrooms so you can use it as an inspiration for your bathroom remodeling project.

Celebrity Bathroom Remodeling Inspiration #1 Jenny Craig's Renaissance Bathroom 

America weight loss guru and founder of Jenny Craig, Inc is a fan of classic and renaissance art. This is explicitly shown in her choice of furnishings, murals and wall color when she opted for a bathroom remodeling. It's a bit too much that some people qualify it as bizarre, but you can't deny the fact that you'll feel like a queen as you bath into this luxurious bathroom.

bathroom remodeling

Celebrity Bathroom Remodeling Inspiration #2 Nicolas Cage's Vegas and CA bathroom

You definitely can't expect any less from Academy Award winning actor and producer Nicolas Cage. Having appeared in over 60 films, a top-class bathroom is a must. As an A-lister, he can afford any type of bathroom remodeling that he wants. As you can see below, the National Treasure star opted for a very classy, big and a hotel-like bathroom.



Celebrity Bathroom Remodeling Inspiration #3 Shaquille O'Neil's Big Bath

NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neil is a not just into sports, he also made a career in music as a rapper and also appeared in movies. A big guy like Shaq deserves a big and relaxing bathroom where he can dip in and sooth those aching muscles after a very tiring day. If you are thinking of a bathroom remodeling like Shaq's you may want to think of the space that you have because as shown in the photo below, he have this big space in the middle of his bath (probably he wants to put a mini basketball court in the future.)

bathroom remodeling

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